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Kitten holding a turtle,  cute, but strange

The kitten that fell in love with his turtle friend. Animals do not discriminate when they bond with another. So cute how the turtle just cuddles with the kitten

18 Animal Pictures for Today

18 Animal Pictures for Today

Meet Sygmond, the most epic cat ever… Mo. the least epic cat ever.

relationship goals

fruitcrocs: “tastefullyoffensive: “ They’re watching ‘The Aristocats’ (probably). (photo by Anya Yukhtina) ” petflix and chill ”

Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit - No assembly required.

Crazy cat lady starter kit :: Lc- bonus: you can use the giant shipping box for their massive ton of kitty litter :-)

Mother cat adopts baby hedgehogs. It gets no cuter than this!

Cat Mothering Baby Hedgehogs Is Kind Of The Greatest Thing Ever


I mite have dropped a stitch great knitting lovers photo cat and the wool not always a good mix

Oh hai... - Imgur

Oh hai...

The cat KNOWS how badly u need the laptop but it wont move! (My cat does this too.must be another cat thing)

aaahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! r

Zombies Eat Brains Don't Worry Most Of You Have Nothing To Worry About Funny Grumpy Cat Meme Image


10 Cats That Got Famous For Their Awesome Fur Markings I love Top hat cat awww

The gentle love of a cat... so often misunderstood.

James Herriot quote - "I have felt cats rubbing their faces against mine and touching my cheek with claws carefully sheathed. These things, to me, are expressions of love.

Siamese Cat Quote | Snoopy (4 months old): My best friend's … | Flickr

People who belong to Siamese cats have to know that they are very high maintenance cats! LOL My Lily is truly a second child.