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Древний Египет Египетская мау кошка на Плинтус Base ручной росписью и: Amazon.co.uk: Кухня & Домой

Limestone Statue of Tawaret Ancient Egypt, Ptolemaic (305-30 BC) The pregnant hippopotamus goddess responsible for fertility and the protection of women during childbirth. Sometimes referred to as...

EGYPTIAN BRONZE CAT, THE EMBODIMENT OF THE GODDESS BASTET, Patroness of joy and of women, seated in the traditional attitude. with alert ears and ancient gold earrings. Very fine style. XXVIth Dynasty, 664-525 BC H. 11 in. (27.9 cm.)

The Gayer-Anderson Cat is an Ancient Egyptian statue of a cat made out of bronze, from the Late Period, about 664-332 BC / © The Trustees of the British Museum Department: Ancient Egypt & Sudan

A Statuette of the Fecundity God Min. Egypt, Late Period, 26th to 30th Dynasty, 6th-4th cent. B.C.

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