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An excellent article on the medieval penner and inkhorn (pen case and ink bottle) by her excellency Eowyn Amberdrake (Melinda Sherbring).

Model Book of Initials (1) | Pen and Parchment: Drawing in the Middle Ages. Tuscany, Italy ca. 1175

Pen case and lid

Pen case and lid of moulded leather (cuir bouilli), cut and embossed with the youthful St John the Baptist with a reed cross standing on a skull on one side, and the figure of a naked boy on the other. The groundwork is decorated with floral ornament. On the end of the lid is a sunburst with mask, and a similar one (worn) under the foot. Origin: Italy; date: 1500-1520

IBN BUTLAN, Tacuinum sanitatis (Gallica, Bibliotheque nationale de France) 14th or 15th century, description is French Great detail of leather bag, pilgrim bag?