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The Reign Of Terror

William Hartnell as the First Doctor - "Reign of Terror" - 1964

One. The First Doctor. William Hartnell.

Value Your Friendships (or Companionships) 12 Life Lessons From Doctor Who: Diplomat Of The Universe

Dr Who cartoon style. Except that last one can just not be included. Doesn't count.

Doctor Who in Cartoon Style. Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean played the doctor for comic relief, although he was only the doctor for 20 minutes I'm glad he got a mention

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I guess we just do away with the sacks in the future? lol

Doctor Who nine Cristopher Eccleston I give you air from my lungs balloon

Confusing the polarity Idk why that was so funny to me

The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors confuse the polarity Eleven: “Reverse the polarity!” Eleven: “It’s not working.” Ten: “We’re both reversing the polarity.” Eleven: “Yes, I know that.” Ten: “There’s two.

Doctor Who ROT Change of Identity #doctorwho

I've just finished watching seasons starring William Hartnell as the First Doctor (which was fabulous!), so it's my tribute to him PS.