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Smart girls are the overthinkers, the insecure ones, the different ones. They know what the real world is like. They analyze every little thing in life. Why? To avoid getting hurt. To find happiness. They stay up at night trying to think about every possible situation to get through all the problems. They think too much. They trust less people. Their insecurity proves their respect towards themselves. Of course they try to live away from a drama-filled life. Smart girls know their worth, now…

why do i doubt that all these 'drake quotes' are things he's actually said. lol maybe i AM that smart girl. but i doubt any guy finds these smart girl qualities attractive unless they're hungry for the waffle.

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The hotline bling rapper with the award winning smile and style. His lyrics are pretty dope too.

rihanna and drake | Drake meets Rihanna's family backstage at the MTV VMAs after…

Drake met Rihanna's family backstage at the MTV VMAs and he looked so happy

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