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لا احمل الورد احمل طوق أحزاني

"You hold the magic in the palm of your hands" -Wtch Cosmos "The Hands of God" Bad News for Atheists: Scientists Say Universe Shouldn’t Exist if Big Bang Is True.

Smoking Hand / #black_and_white #monochrome #contrast #photography

Frozen air seemed to float out of her hand. She could not and would not let her sister be killed. And then, she looked down in horror. Frozen air was floating out of her hand! -Inspiration Paragraph Written by Me

"I... I just can't," she whispered to the air as the wind pushed against her body, waving her hair out of her face.:

Portrait Photography by Marta Syrko. Absolutely stunning and captivating portrait Photography by Ukraine based photographer Marta Syrko.

"Does it hurt?" They always ask me that. I usually lie, but there's something about this one. "Yes." "I'm sorry." He grabs my hands but quickly lets go, the frost covering my hands must sting, it usually does. "Don't be, I chose this."

Anna Ådén is a photographer from the Northern part of Sweden. In her photography Anna captures the beauty her environment throughout the seasons.