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Eden falls, Mercy for life I hear their calls Stood and watched them die Heaven crawls. Wings burn on high Beauty falls. Fold thy raven.: Thy Raven Wings :.

victorian-goth: “ Victorian goth http://victorian-goth.tumblr.com/ ”

victorian gothic fairy tale and grimm ghost story photo art.the woman in black the crow road.ethereal art for halloween remembrances and wiccan celebrations

A glance, just to make sure he hadn't followed her. Now she would fly.  Now she would become one with the night.  ~DC~

going into pagan category because crows and ravens are aspects of my Goddess Morrigan

Black queen by Nava Monde, via Behance-dark hair long waist length braided waves

spookyloop: “ Black Queen The raven queen project Model: Nastya Shirokova Make up and hair: Ekaterina Markasova Style&Design: Anna Popova And Karun the Raven (Source) ”

dark witches | dark witch by lilbubby

obligatory dark hooded figure with a raven picture is a most have for every story inspiration board

I don't know if I like cats, bats and ravens because they are traditionally associated with witchcraft, or because they are beautiful and intelligent creatures...

Only in America is a black cat considered bad luck or a bad omen! I really like the cat and the Raven or Crow.