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The first narcissi of the spring - Paper Whites - scent the garden and sometimes flower as early as December

Eremurus Cleopatra Known affectionately as the Fox-Tail-Lily bulb, Eremurus are a herbaceous perennial bulb that produce tall flower spiked which has an abundance of rosettes and small star-shaped flowers. Eremurus bulbs can be planted in autumn and will flower in late spring through to early summer. Try planting alongside smaller spring and summer bulbs such as Ixia, Sparaxis or Iris that will complement the border display comprehensively. Eremurus really are a garden designer's delight!

These dutch irises actually grow from bulbs not corms, not that it matters. I take the corm and bulb flowers for this board.

Gladioli - My love - I planted 10 bulbs/corms at the back of my standard roses by the patio. 05.11.2016

You will want to plant these corms (a type of bulb) in full sun and in well drained soil after danger of frost. You would plant them 3-4 inches deep with flat side down and about 5 inches apart. A great technique is planting multiples of them a week apart to have glads blooming all summer into fall!

When to Force Bulbs Indoors

Want a table top display of gorgeous paperwhite blooms for a special occasion? How about a giant amaryllis with giant, dazzling flowers? When it comes to forcing bulbs indoors, there's no guarantee your flowers will appear on time, but, with some simple planning, the odds are in your favour. Check out these handy bulb forcing calendars and get your blooms started.

M265 The Annual Holiday Photo by Anita Jeram

Gladiolus Winter Care - How To Care For Gladiola Bulbs During The Winter