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13 Things Every DIY Musician Should Know How To Do on http://www.musicnewsnashville.com/13-things-every-diy-musician-should-know-how-to-do/

Nicholas Stern: 'I got it wrong on climate change – it's far, far worse'. Author of 2006 review speaks out on danger to economies as planet absorbs less carbon and is 'on track' for 4C rise. Lord Stern now believes he should have been more ‘blunt’ about threat to economies from temperature rises. Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian. #WEF

Mere end hver anden dansker er på Facebook i udgangen af 2013. Hvordan bruger vi det og hvorfor ?

Helping Kids Become Mission-Minded - Childrens Ministry -- I think that as parent's, we need to remember that we should be their first "minister". Teaching them and guiding them about their roles as "Christ-followers.*

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