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May Be Part Of The new generation but I'm The One Who Got All The Good attributes

Not sure if just getting older & bitter, or if this generation is really as dumb as it seems.

Today 23 New LOL images - LOL MANIA CLUB

Today 23 New LOL images - Men/ women/ thinkin anyone holding a sign dressed like so would be rather difficult to miss, and likely to cause more road trouble than anything.

hahah idrk what this means but i think its supposed to be funny

[Image - 131345]

Not sure if life is getting better Or the amount of fuck i give is decreasing - Futurama Fry - quickmeme

Not sure if in a really bad mood Or if everyone is just fucking annoying Futurama Fry

not sure if i lost the ability to socialize or if i dont give a shit about what people have to say

Not sure memes jokes meme lol comedy hilarious laughter humor laughs lmao funny memes