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Miss texting under the table? Phorm will bring you back to your Blackberry keyboard days.

Phorm Finger Guides allow you to feel the letters so you always hit the right target as you type.

Have a friend who's always getting burnt by typos and autocorrect? Tag them & let them know Phorm can improve their typing.

70% of people who tried Phorm preferred typing with the finger guides as opposed to a regular iPad Mini. Pre-order now and feel what you've been missing.

Introducing Phorm, the world's first morphing touchscreen. A touchscreen more touchable.

Are you getting the most out of your device? With Phorm you can easily type without having your eyes glued to your keyboard.

Phorm is human powered, with no battery and nothing to charge. It's always ready when you need it.

No apps to dowload, just install the case and you're ready to get typing!