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#Iglesia#Aregua PARAGUAY #beautiful

#Iglesia#Aregua PARAGUAY #beautiful

SantaRita #Paraguay #beautiful

SantaRita #Paraguay #beautiful

Tucuman, Argentina

Spectacular Ancient Ruins You’ve Never Heard Of: Tucuman, Argentina


Buenos Aires - view from Plaza del Congreso to Palacio Barolo

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Tarawa, Kiribati, Christmas Island So magestic! -see you in the new year you magical place, you!

Pescado Island, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia http://www.travelbrochures.org/252/south-america/travel-the-incredible-bolivia

The Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia) An evocative and eerie sight, the world’s largest salt flat sq km) sits at When the surface is dry, the salar is a pure white expanse of the greatest nothing imaginable – just blue sky, white ground and you.

Biodola, Elba, Italy

In Biodola beach hotel Elba, go directly down to the fully equipped resort private beach and the panoramic pool