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Jared at Asylum12.  Birmingham, 17&18th of May, 2014.

As they say in Texas. That's one tall drink of water.

(gif set) 6x18 Frontierland; "Marshall Eastwood. Clint Eastwood. This here is Walker. He's a Texas Ranger." ~ OMG Sams face through this whole scene!! haha

This here is Walker. He's a Texas Ranger.that is all oh and the clint eastwood and Walker texas ranger bit, lol.

SUPERNATURAL even better, they had a Twitter feed that whoever retweeted would get their names on a rubber duck in that pool

Main characters behind the scenes…

Did you just call Lost a normal tv show? Plus this behind the scenes of Lost is from the pilot episode, so of course they are all business.

(gif set) "The tiny little Jensen Ackles is 6'2"."... "Jared is... I would say offensively tall." - Richard Speight Jr. Love him. Hahaha.

I would say offensively tall." <- Sounds perfect :)<<<It's so funny bc it's true you expect everyone to be a lot shorter and then you realize that they are really a lot taller and you are like, "Well my whole life has been a lie"


Two of the best sights in one picture! Jensen and Texas!