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A poem inspired by the hetalia fan fictions "We'll meet again" and "Auf wiedersehen, sweetheart" #hetalia #usuk #gerita

Hetalia reference to everything  Well, this seems legit.

Hetalia reference to everything Well, this seems legit.

hetalia cosplay tumblr | ... hetalia cosplay APH Gilbird prussia cosplay hetalia prussia aph <<< well you don't exist so you wouldn't know now anyway.

Exchange Students Hetalia 1 by Mezzochan.deviantart.com on @deviantART - Hetalia lends itself well to international school or exchange student situations once you're on a school theme. Here, imagine that Ludwig's an exchange student and Arthur is trying (and failing!) to make him feel welcome.

Hetalia and Pacific Rim I think.... Well, there's Scotland and England so... <3

I just started to watch Hetalia and well I was looking around the internet and I came across this picture, after asking my friends it turned out to be the picture of the Revolutionary war between England and America.

[Hetalia Spain Romano - last part of many - you should klick and read the whole thing, it's really informative *-*] Yeah, well, "Are you okay you dirty bastard" is definitely what I'd say to a person I really care about xD and of course Romano has got the balls if he wants to!

Hetalia Megane Guys.... well minus Macau and Canada tho #APH #Thailand #Austria #America #Sweden #Estonia

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