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Percy Jackson

How far we've come by matchbox twenty. The Heroes of Olympus. I think I've pinned a video version thing of this somewhere at the bottom of this board.

So Percy, he said good rather than well

Viria I swear to the gods, this is Exactly what I picture percabeth looking like<---pretty "dam" accurate

My adorable punk bf ~Annabeth

Punk Percy and girly Annabeth, colored by annabeth-chase-sabidinha, art by viria.

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summoned from the underworld by viria<<<<<<<<< this gave me chills. Vira just made herself 100000000 times better in my eyes.<<<<<if Percy Died

The heros of Olympus By Viria

The heros of Olympus By Viria I love how in this picture Percy holds his arm out to shield Annabeth.