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I had this one in the other color scheme. ;w; (Just about everything in this list rocks.)

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50 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again. Oh man, talk about a blast from the past! I had this exact Polly Pocket!

I had a lot of these stickers in my old sticker book.

I remember you could buy stickers from scholastic.I loved collecting stickers! My favorite were the scratch and sniff and the ones with the iridescent gel in them!


Swatch Guard, an must-have.along with the Swatch. (I still have my Swatch)

Everyone remembers--but some of us remember when it was invented!

SILLY PUTTY and you always had to try and lift the comic off the page. Loved Silly Putty & funny pages. Also pressed quarters on it to make impressions.

Memories, Childhood

Garbage Pail Kids trading cards the gum was the best

Should I open it?

people Garbage Pail Kids trading cards from I had mostly the stickers. They were SOOO gross! Barbie I had this one!

Comic Book, Childhood

Psst Goes the Bactine! Psst Goes the Bactine! DOWN go the mean old germs!!! I can recall the smell of this just thinking about it!

Liar liar pants on fire! More like SORE on fire.stuff burned like crazy!