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C'est bon, les mouchoirs sont dans la boite à gants, chérie...

Babies cry with an accent - Hmm! ...Gonna get back to you on this one! ~WTF weird & fun facts

Top 30 des chats à la cool qui se relaxent dans des positions étranges

j'ai une très belle vue de cette fenêtre pour voir le défilé du 14 juillet. .

25 Mind-Twisting Optical Illusion Paintings By Rob Gonsalves

The reason that I choose this paints is because the viewer has to at least look twice to see what is happening. It is up to the viewer to decide how the they see the artwork Mind-Bending Paintings That Will Boost Your Creativity)

Before The Internet, These Creepy 19th-Century 'GIFs' Mesmerized The Masses

I sometimes post things, usually related to drugs, memes, and video games. I also post trippy artwork, stoner comics, and a few other things if the mood strikes me. I'll try to post daily but sometimes I forget I have a tumblr. Here's my bio and my...

Piratage : 800 000 comptes du site porno Brazzers sont dans la nature is an image-based entertainment website focused on dark humor, popular culture, internet phenomenon, design and wallpapers. Simple and light, it aims to provide high quality images, with information and source, to its loyal followers.

Intimate Portraits Reveal Amusing Facial Expressions of Skeptical Dogs

German photographer Elke Vogelsang (aka Wieslblitz) has a knack for capturing expressive portraits of our canine friends. Last year, we shared their goofy personalities in a series of delightful images. Now, Vogelsang has pivoted from their playfulness and explores pups’ skeptical side. Her latest series features “dogs questioning the photographer’s sanity,” as they grimace, roll their eyes, and generally look miffed. We can't help think we've done something wrong! These canines weren’t…