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Japanese Visual Kei fashion. Wear what you like.

Visual Kei - Wear what you like! There is no gender difference in this Fashion.

DIAURA  Yo-ka (Vocalista) Kei ( guitarrista) Shoya (bajista) Tatsuya (baterista)

DIAURA Yo-ka (Vocalista) Kei ( guitarrista) Shoya (bajista) Tatsuya (baterista)

Kat says: the GazettE, one of my favorite Visual Kei bands.

the GazettE never have I been more confused by gender until I went into the Japanese music side. And that's a compliment. They wear makeup better than I do!

Uruha(The GazettE)

Uruha from the GazettE. This looks like Gregory Violet from the Black Butler manga.

Visual Kei Japanese Street Fashion

It was sad to hear when they decided to end their activities for a while. They have not disbanded though. Kamijo (vocalist) brought out a solo album and the other band members started another band called Jupiter.