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Figure 1: Structures of currently approved NNRTIs.

THE LITTLE BLUE PILL WITH A DECIDEDLY DIFFERENT GOAL. The pill, currently sold under the brand name, Truvada, is a Food and Drug Administration-approved drug for HIV treatment. It has not previously been sold as a method of HIV prevention. However, a 2010 study published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that the pill reduced the risk of contracting HIV by 44 percent and 73 percent, depending on participants’ rate of usage.

Table 4: Distribution of HIV Type 1 subtypes among drug-naïve patients in Kinshasa

Figure 4: Prevalence of mutations associated with Resistance to Reverse Transcriptase. A) Mutations associated to NRTI; B) Mutations associated NNRTI

Figure 1: CT scan without injection of contrast product shows the lesion (the right temporo-polar hypodensity is badly limited and is encircled by an oedema in shape of thimble.

Figure 2: Comparative Distribution of survival time between dead cases & LTF adult HIV patients started on ART from September 2010 to August 2011 in AHMC ART clinic, Oromia regional state, Ethiopia.

Figure 1: Total males tested vs HIV-positive males at Zazi HCT clinic and KhulaNdoda VMMC clinic

N/ANot Applicable for this amplification; 30’ = 30 minutes; 30” = 30 seconds Table 1: Reverse Transcriptase and Nested PCR Cycles (Temperature per cycle)