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Australian photographer Steve Axford travels to China to discover new fungi specimen.

Heaven Can Wait - The Most Powerful Hallucinogen

Elegant Pink Mushrooms, so pretty and unusual. I have always loved Pink. I know it's in Vogue right Now, But it's always been my favorite Color. My bedroom furniture as a Girl was all Pink. I had the coolest room. Thanks Mom.

Pink mushrooms - I don't know if they   really exist like this but they're too pretty to pass up

Yellow Oyster Mushrooms - surface texture and colour inspiration for design - art in nature. I love these mushrooms, but my sister would hate them so much!

Pink mushroom... so cool!

Pretty pink Rhodotus palmatus ~ by ~Drccar on deviantART.this would be a pretty tat


Shaggy Ink Cap Mushrooms (Coprinus comatus) The shaggy ink cap is easily recognizable from its almost cylindical cap which initially covers most of its stem. The cap is mostly white with shaggy.

An Eclectic Pause

© Enoki Mushrooms ©Andy Phillipson / International Garden Photographer of the Year . There's a fungus among u


魅惑のキノコたちの「もうひとつの世界」ファンタジーが生まれるのも納得できる 20選

Alien Forest: Amazing Macro Photography of Slime Molds

labelleabeille: Fungus molds photographed by Valeriya Zvereva (via strawberryorange)

Green toadstool mushroom leather coral (Sarcophyton)

The Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral is referred to as Sarcophyton Coral, Mushroom, Leather, or Trough Corals. The toadstool leather coral is found on reef flats and lagoons in Indonesia and Tonga.

Unknown brown and tan mushroom with wavy ruffled capMore Pins Like This At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest ㊙️㊗️

♀ Bokeh photography Senoritas Dress yellow mushroom and textures

Mushroom Magic ✨

Once you see these beautiful mushrooms, you might develop an obsession with fungi. Their structure has such a complexity and is so delicate.

Laccaria Amethystina,...

The Amethyst Deceiver (Laccaria amethystina) is a small brightly colored, edible mushroom and is only bright when young. As it ages it loses its color becoming difficult to classify.hence Amethyst Deceiver

Schizophyllum commune  is a very common species of mushroom in the genus Schizophyllum. It is common in rotting wood, but can also cause disease in humans.

I thought this Schizophyllum commune mushroom or fungus by Steve Axford should be part of a coral reef.