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Nova - Marvel Comics don't know what this is but its cool

Nova Vol. 5 Sam Alexander isn't just any old, he's just been recruited to the Nova Corps: the Universe's police force. What do you get when you pair a raccoon, a green alien lady and a scared teenager? An amazingly awesome origin tale!

the avengers assemble, funny movie quotes

How the Avengers get together…

And this is why the Avengers cast is so awesome. And why I'm deeply in love with Chris Evan


I love the smell of pancakes in the morning. Smells like victory. im pinning this again because it smells like victory

Undeniable proof that The LEGO Movie & Guardians of the Galaxy are the same movie (not that I'm complaining).

Undeniable Proof That "Guardians Of The Galaxy" And "The Lego Movie" Have The Exact Same Plot

Undeniable proof that "Guardians Of The Galaxy" and "The Lego Movie" have the same plot---> emmet and star lord are also both Chris Pratt <<< Whoa.I did not enjoy the Lego Movie, but I want to see Guardians.

Deadpool & Spiderman

23 Reasons Everyone Should Love Deadpool

Dead pool, from the episode Ultimate Deadpool in the show Ultimate Spiderman

I am Batman. #9gag @9gagmobile by 9gag

Deadpool and Batman. As awesome as this would be, it's impossible. They are in two different universes, Deadpool is Marvel and Batman is DC.

this makes me laugh because my boyfriend won't stop talking about that shirt he wore!


They make a song about Iron Man. He wears Black Sabbath T-shirt. Isn't it Iron-ic, dont'cha think? <--They thought we wouldn't notice, but we did.