The Mobile Garden Dress. I want to do this except to build/grow the dress out of flowering vine.

DIY concrete leaves. Easy instructions on casting leaves into concrete with pictures and ideas. --Meggie

The Mag Rag: Concrete Leaf Castings - already did this and made a great fountain out of the castings but this is a great reminder.

Cement Hosta plant... concrete leaves with a metal rod trhough the center and extende down for insertion into the ground. I might try this myself.

CC - Cement hosta plant - concrete leaves with metal rod through the center of the leaf and then bent and extended down for insertion into the ground.

The Mag Rag: Concrete Leaf Castings - making a scalloped finish with small adjacent balls of concrete.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I learned how to make concrete leaf castings to put in our gardens. Our instructor was Roberta Palmer.

Cette femme pose une oreille d'éléphant (Colocasia) sur un lit de sable. 48 heures, elle réalise une œuvre d'art dans son jardin - C'est fait maison !

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