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Inspirational pro-book poster / Boing Boing

That's y i love books, i can leave this life behind-for a little time at least

it's raining books! it's raining books! 31794 Newer Older Foire aux livres, Romainmôtier Second-hand book fair. Archway between abbey courtyard and main street.

Children’s Book Museum in The Hague has walls made out of a whopping 40,000 books.  @showcasesuccess #bookshelves #bookshelf

A Museum Exhibit On Books, Made Of 40,000 Books

The new permanent exhibit at the Children’s Book Museum in The Hague has walls made out of a whopping books. there's a children's book museum!

The best part of being an artist is getting to name the piece whatever the heck you want.

Yeah, artists are pretty cool. You should spend a little time on DA and see what we name our pieces<<Shhh

No Spend Weekend Ideas | How to Save Money | Fun Weekend Ideas | Frugal Tips | How to Stop Spending Money

25+ No-Spend Weekend Ideas that Don't Suck [Frugal Living Tips]


Camera Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page - flying shoes art studio This is what I'm talking about with varying design surfaces!

I live in a world of fantasy, so keep your reality away from me

Playing chess on top of a mountain of books? Fantasy land for me!

I'd be renovating this one if money was no object, I can picture the interiors already.  GOOD NEWS THIS BEAUTIFUL BUILDING IS BEING RENOVATED!!!!

Abandoned Medieval Chateau de Gudanes in Midi Pyrenees, South of France ~ has been purchased by Australian couple and is getting a much needed makeover.

DIY Life Hacks Part 6 Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

DIY Life hacks part 6 diy craft crafts easy crafts craft idea diy ideas home diy easy diy home crafts diy craft life hacks life hack. Very good ideas!

it IS the most wonderful time of the year

A Christmas tree made from the National Union Catalog. The tree was built at the Gleeson Library, the University of San Francisco, CA USA.

Föld napja Perler gyöngy tevékenységek

Earth Day Perler Bead Activities

This post includes a round up of Earth Day themed perler bead activities.


FFXIV - Primal Mounts by linnyxito>>>I would draw literally all of these but I suck ass at drawing horses so :/