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I really hope I get a proposal like this one day. Hopefully to an Australian…sigh...

The boy band Fancy has a new song out "Abacus". Never heard of Fancy? Well, maybe they're not exactly a "real" boy band. But, the proposal they deliver is real. Check out this clever proposal with the fictional band Fancy.

Kristen Bell's Weepy Sloth Meltdown Is a Hilarious Must-See (VIDEO)

Kristen Bell's Weepy Sloth Meltdown Is a Hilarious Must-See (VIDEO)

Kristen Bell's Sloth Meltdown--It doesn't matter if you like Kristen Bell or Ellen or sloths, this video is HILARIOUS! I had tears I was laughing so hard.anyone who is such a fan of sloths is ok by me.

Beauty and the BEAT! Love this video I can't stop laughing!!!

WATCH: 'Beauty And The Beast' Comes To The Ghetto

LOLing so hard i'm crying. everyone watch this. omgeeeeee it's a modern belle for beauty and the beast

Things NOT To Do When You Like Someone * I broke many of these rules and still he married me!!

Things NOT To Do When You Like Someone~Megan.I was outruled with the very first thing he said.Don't be creepy.apparently people don't like stalkers.

Melissa McCarthy and Her Spanx... I cried i was laughing so hard

I laughed so hard I cried watching this. Actress Melissa McCarthy tells what happens when Spanx Go Horribly Wrong.ahahahahahahahah oh i love her. TOEVS @ Nikkie Roth @ Kirtsin Roth you have to watch this you will laugh so hard you start crying

i saw a squirrel so i leaned on a wall sensually... HAHA WTF!

Oh Dear God. Her captions. I can't even. "I was about to ride the bulldozer and the camera turned on by itself. I'm not a model." Hahahahahah I need to breathe.

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a waiting husband. and dog. I can see this happening when I have a husband and we have a house and a dog!

US Stereotypes.  Rainy Hipsters---wahoo.  (this is a temporary home until I make a better board...)

Funny pictures about US State Stereotypes. Oh, and cool pics about US State Stereotypes. Also, US State Stereotypes photos.

funny wedding vows :)) Holy crap there are two of us in the world!! This is my laugh exactly!!! Bahahahaaa

She clearly did not sleep at all the night before lol One of the funniest wedding videos ever :) LOVE the princess bride reference xD