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First attempt at Birds-In-Flight

Close-Up Portraits of Birds Shot in a Photographer’s Backyard | Colossal

After noticing the birds in Michigan were far different than those in her native Germany, Lisa M. Ca., an amateur photographer, began photographing them with her DSLR. In an attempt to find more creative ways to capture the variety of species that flew through her backyard, Lisa purchased the Bird P

The Last Guardian is finally out! Only took 9 or so years. So I mad a fan art. This is my attempt at being le fancy pants artiste de watercolour...still figuring things out but loving the process! I live streamed it on a copyright notice about the music so I deleted the audio-last I saw it said 'edits processing' so I'm not sure you can even watch. Plus it suffered from poor frame rate issues kinda like this game I hear? YouTube name is Joverine Snaktsnakt ...I think..if not… | Koo-Koo Bird | My first attempt at stained glass! This item has been SOLD!

Zucchini Noodle Ramen Bowls

Vegan zucchini noodle ramen bowls with marinated tempeh in a quick-cooking miso mushroom broth. This ramen is savory, healthy and absolutely delicious!

Need a little motivation? (38 photos)

Bird of paradise is my latest yoga pose obsession. I feel so powerful and graceful doing it. i GOT THIS today! can hardly contain my excitement! More

Jackal Buzzard. South Africa. The diet of the jackal buzzard is mainly small ground mammals, but snakes, lizards, small ground birds, insects, and road-kill are also taken. Typically, the raptor drops on its prey from a perch or hover.