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+SM - After the Battle+ by larienne.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Edit: fixed some minor color issues Today I'm taking you back for a short trip to the Sailor Moon's universe There is one thing about this manga that te. +SM - After the Battle+

EDIT Info+Breaking Free - Lapis Lazuli+ by larienne on DeviantArt

I was informed some people try to steal my art and sell it on clothing websites - please, if you see it let me know.

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+Pokemon - New Adventure Begins+ by larienne from deviant art

A fanart of the new Pokemon Sun/Moon starter : D Rowlet is so cute I just wanted it to be colorful and cheerful this time : D What is yo. +Pokemon - New Adventure Begins+

Art by: @qinniart

"The Moon whispered to the Stars." ⭐️ Fixed another oldie from last year.

By: larienne.deviantart

One of my favorite princesses, Mononoke I drew this piece to practice light a bit. Ghibli is always fun to draw ! +Mononoke - On the Prowl+

+Undertale - Temmie Village by larienne on DeviantArt

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