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clever way to do wings ~ hoodie idea. Velcro tabs so they can be taken off for washing?

Yulia Yanina Couture Wings & Feathers Style Shawl Fantasy Fashion This, but over a black base.

From the Object 12-1 Collection by Croation graduate student/designer Matija Čop. Post on DesignMilk, 6.25.2014 by Caroline Williamson.  See more at site.


Object by Matija Čop. These garments made from interlocking foam pieces by Croatian designer Matija Čop reference construction techniques and shapes found in gothic architecture.

sheet music and maps!

"Too Too Wonderful" - Paper Collage by artist Peter Clark. (Love the creative way he's formed the tutu from paper.

Paper Art Sculptures by jayne

These artist book are made by giving the book faces. it adds texture as well as adding pattern. the faces adds shapes towards the book. its made by them cutting the book to create different things such as faces.

Clockwork love pape

Designer Frank Tjepkema, or Tjep, has created a line of jewelry, called "Clockwork Love Paper" that will light up even the coldest heart. Using paper and acrylic, Tjepkema carves out the mechanical parts of a clock and layers them to create.