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Gadsden flag or Don't Tread on Me. one of my favorite flags which i will need for the walls sometime.

“ cliched but true: "pro-life" laws/rules do not reduce number of abortions--just safe abortions.


'Mystery Creatures Of The Bible Part Watchman Video Broadcast

#DATELINENBCINVESTIGATES #NationalMissingPersonsEmail: Questions@.FindTheMissing.org

I used to locate missing beneficiaries for the state of Oregon. I will tell you how I found someone who has been missing and what techniques I used.


Obama’s ISIS speech: How the US will degrade and destroy Islamic State

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La malédiction de Pont Saint-Esprit ! Vidéo !

French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment A mystery over the 'cursed bread' of Pont-Saint-Esprit, which left residents suffering hallucinations, has been solved after a writer discovered the US had spiked the bread with LSD as part of an experiment.


Funny, but verging on sad because it may happen soon.this country is not going to be a democracy much longer with obama as president!

i want you to ignore the facts that my ring says 'there is no god but allah'. ~obama:

I'm not a big fan of Justin Bieber but this picture made me smile. It's not hilarious but I find this picture funny.

All 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Are Riding, Right Now

All 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Are Riding, Right Now - Patriot Net Daily

September 2013 Breaking News World War 3 not if but when Last days end times news prophecy update. Possibly a cold and foreshadowing future for September 2014?

August 17 2013 Breaking News NDAA allows USA preemptive strike China miles nuke tunnels 300 nukes


ESPN's Stephen A. Smith: For One Election, Every Black Person Should Vote Republican - Breitbart