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she has a beautiful smile.

Smile when you are in sorrow. Smile when you want to cry. Smile when it seems that your life is over. Smile when it hurts to try. Smile and others will smile with you.

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Did You Smile Today - Kids & Children Images & Photos

Did You Smile Today?I hope this is my little brown child when I have kids haha so cute

Cheia de personalidade.........SHE'S ABOUT READY TO BREAK INTO HER DANCE---- YEP!! HERE IT COMES...............

Guatemala - You have to love the sweet attitude we are being given here!

Sherpas were the ethnic people who worked and lived on Mount Everest. They helped the climbers and worked for them too. Some who were very experienced climbers would lead expeditions up the mountains.

A bright smile from a young Nepalese child. Who would not smile back?

النظافه من الإيمان! CLEANLINESS NEXT TO GODLINESS !! العنكبوته تشوف عيالها ع الحيط، تقول : لولى ملضومين فى خيط +++ أودّى وشى فين، منك ؟ خليت رقبتى بقت قد السمسمه ! دانا طيب سبع البُرُمبه !! NOBLESSE BOBLIGE يا أرض: إنشقى ! و إبلعينى ! +++ إحنا التلاته ، سكر نباته +++ كناطحٍ صخرةً ليُوهنها ! فما وهَنت !! و أوهنَ قرنَه الوعلُ +++ نظره ! وكنت أحسبها سلام ، و تمّر قوام. أتارى فيها ... +++ لا ! و النبى ! يا عبده +++ فرحان بشبابه +++ الأوله فى الغرام +++ ىولدون، يعذبون، يموتون!! هذا ج

iandafrica: “iluvsouthernafrica: “ Zambia: Beautiful Zambian girl at a wedding Photo by: Peder Bjorling ” She is so pretty ”

cambodia by MyLittleCornerOfTheWorld

Child of Cambodia {} Smile Will Melt Your Heart {} Photographer Jake Corke