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I would have never thought of this - now I want to make one! If you click through all the picctures, you'll see some that look evil!

Someone please tell me the artist if you know it!!!!! I've wanted to create my own tree sprites for a while, and this vision matches what's in my head very closely. I'd really like to give the artist credit on this pin. It's so beautiful and well executed. Remarkable. Thank you artist! Wherever you are in the world!

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No, this does not scare me or "creep me out..." I have had many conversations with little folks and peeps very similar to this one... haven't you? Chicorydell creates beautiful little creatures. I am not sure which website they prefer to market themselves out of... they also have a "deviantart" website...

A fairy grandfather is as common as a fairy girl or woman. The grand fairies are less apt to visit humans, and yet they are still curious and helpful when called upon.

Love this artist's work! Makes me want to go carve a bunch of little root faeries and set them all around the garden.

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