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19 Hilarious Ways To Reply To A Text

Great comebacks to Flirtatious Text Messages. Sarcastic, honest text responses to desperate horndogs hitting on the uninterested. Text fails seriously stoned


i have a folder on my computer titled "reasons why i need a banana suit" and this is absolutely the best image within.

Darwin Would Be Proud

Darwin Would Be Proud

Natural selection in action… Installing a trampoline on a roof deck Up trees In swimming pools At the gym On safari At the seaside Scuba diving At the garage Fixing a roof In playgrounds At the seaside Demolishing tall buildings In the …

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Illinois Movie Theater Posts Amazing "Frozen" Marquee

If you've ever come across a witty sign, you've probably wanted to take a photo of it and upload it to the Internet (or Snapchat it, duh). Thankfully, some people have done just that, and we've rounded up the best, most brilliant marquees that will have