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In the times of the Temple, worshipping God was a lively experience as described in Psalm 150. Listen and sing along to Nomi Tepler’s lively..Hebrew song................

Liel Kolet - "Elohim Sheli" (Hebrew/English) - YouTube - Anybody got lyrics to this? I like the beat, but I want to make sure...

Jerusalem - Yerushalayim. song: "Im Eshkachek Yirushalayim" ("If I Forget You Oh Jerusalem" [let my right hand forget its cunning]. stirring video montage of Jerusalem. exc 4 Judaic ed (all denominations) of 12 & over. cross section of people, the retaking of the Kotel in '67; ends w/model of the Beit Hamikdash. powerful. plan a pre viewing lesson, & a post viewing discussion. use 4 any unit on Israel.

Sometimes you hear a song, and you think...that's it. That's all there is--what that just said. I'm pretty sure John Mark McMillan's newest record (out in March) is going to be part of the soundtrack of my life for years to come. (Audrey Assad)

Oorah is proud to present; the official music video for 8th Day's "It's Shabbos Now. From the makers of Ya'alili yalili. Video was directed by Forest Erickson. Cinematography by Jeremy Lundborg. "It's Shabbos Now" was written and performed by 8th Day, recording was produced by Oorah. "Shabbos Now" is a song that is looking through the eyes o...

Songs are a great way to learn a new language. What do you think about this Hebrew cover of "You Raise Me Up"?

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