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Tartarus is the place for torture...and still they can smile and laugh,that makes me cry with joy!!!!

Tartarus is the place for torture.and still they can smile and laugh,that makes me cry with joy! << Well it CREEPS ME OUT TOO

Annabeth would probably kill her first

Get Em' Percy! You deserve Percy not some werid nerdy guy named Bane!<<< Lol that comment though XD

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This is one of the reasons why Harry potter and Percy Jackson fans get along so well<<<< I think I became Kirby because it felt like I sucked up the world with my emnormous gasp

Percabeth Fanfiction <- Adorable! (I only accept these kinds of fanfics).

Read Cutest Couple Ever! from the story Percabeth Moments (Percy Jackson FanFic) by dolphin_erin (Sincerely.me) with reads.



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I love this lol<<< "Accidentally"

This would totally happen. I have always wanted to see Nico dance. And do gymnastics.<<<OMG so one day nico disappears and the can't find him. 3 years later the whole camp is watching the Olympics and then gymnastics comes on and nico wins the gold.