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Tips for Teaching Letters and Letter Sounds

Tips for Teaching Letters and Letter Sounds. This is well-researched and offers excellent advice.

Beginning Letter Sounds Game Homework

Her daughter wanted homework to feel like a big kid so she set up this Letter Sounds activity to do next to her big brother doing homework.

Word Building Activity Travel Kit

This word building activity travel kit is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers for road trips and long car rides and you can customize it with sight words, color words, word families, or whatever your child is currently learning. Great for a summer learning activity.

Tons of crafts for each letter of the alphabet. *I would let them cut their own things out. Produces ownership of work and actually looks like they made it!

Montessori Monday - Reinforcing Letter Sounds with Phonics Songs

Ideas for using phonics songs and Montessori principles to reinforce letter sounds. Post includes the Montessori Monday permanent collection.