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Art Comes First: Inspirations

Dassanech girl, Omo Valley, Ethiopia, by Carla Pieters

Children of the Most High! Reach out! Stretch out your arm and assist where God leads you! The poor, the hungry, the sick and the widow! Have faith like this child and have the same giving spirit!

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This child has nothing, including not even enough food, but the child is offering a sucker to the camera person. This has got to be one of the most heart warming photos I've ever seen ♥ Photo by Emil Leonardi - Sierra Leone,

"Little Himba" <3 by Carol Marocco, Carol was born in 1961 in Athabasca, Alberta Canada.  At the age of 18 she moved to Edmonton, Alberta where she lives with her husband and one daughter Stephanie.  Her interest in art piqued at an early age when she discovered a great love and a God given gift for drawing and has always felt this to be her calling in life.  Original Oil on Canvas  24" x 30"

Africa, Little Himba by Carol Marocco What does life look like through his beautiful eyes?

Twisting rainbow colored seeds to colorful beads on a little girl in Guinea, West Africa


This young girl from the Hamer tribe in the south Omo region of Ethiopia had just gotten her face painted during a bull jumping ceremony.

ETHIOPIA: Hamer | Hamer people and Evangadi dance/ Gli Hamer… | Flickr

Hamer people, Ethiopia [Oh yeah? Well my auntie made my dress and I am totally spectacular. Oh and btw, I'm going Amurrica to play ball with the Phoenix Mercury.


“Africa, Hamar Women, Ethiopia, Postcard image from the work of Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher”

Portrait by Thomas Longo, taken 28 Aug. 2011 in Sa Mirada, Spain, shared on www.flickr.com, all rights reserved.

Beautiful woman looks out at the camera from a striking set of blue eyes. Her perfectly beautiful face is only a moment in your notice, because her smile attracts you first. photography of beautiful people