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Majestic Animal.  King of the wild

Beautiful White Lion King - I will hug him when I meet him in Heaven!

Ich beschütze dich

Father and son lions, Masai Mara, Kenya - Notch was a great lion living in the Masai Mara Kenya, known to be an awesome father! Dad's can be tender & loving as well!

Leanne the Sumatran Tiger at the San Francisco Zoo cradles her newborn cub in order to take her down to a safe area of the enclosure.

Turns out even stretching our necks doesn't help us see the future. Taking control of your finances is still the best way to weather future financial storms.

mom- "You`ve got to be kidding me." baby- "Spiders are s-scary!" mom- No matter where you are, there`s always a spider within 5 feet of you. baby- "WHAT?

The Nature Sound on Twitter: ""

The Nature Sound on

The Nature Sound on Twitter: ""

Yikes! (if that were me in the car i wouldn't stop or slow down at that particular moment.)

I had one this close to my car in Yellowstone too! Making it clear who has right of way. "Bison in Yellowstone National Park by Victoria Davies"

Strong.Smart.Never" Scared...

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Ana Julia Torres kisses Jupiter, a lion rescued from a circus 12 years ago, at Villa Lorena shelter, in Cali, Colombia I love this story! I never knew the lion's name was Jupiter.