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Homemade Stain Remover (Shout) ⅔ cups Dawn Dishwashing Liquid ⅔ cups ammonia 6 Tblsp baking soda 2 cups warm water Mix everything together and pour into a spray bottle

How to make your own desiccant packs to keep your bulk dry goods fresh

Buying food in bulk is a great way to save money and to stock up on food for emergency preparation. Silica gel desiccant packs are a great way to preserve the quality of that investment. Great way to keep your preps fresh, too! Here's how to make your own.

Make Your Own Eczema Cream

Make Your Own Eczema Cream INGREDIENTS: ½ cup raw shea butter ½ cup coconut oil (optional: ¼ cup olive oil or almond oil) 1 tablespoon local honey 30 drops of lavender essential oil 8 drops of tea tree essential oil

Get rid of those ants!

Little black sugar ants in your house? Kill them with a homemade ant trap or DIY insecticidal soap, a natural pesticide that is non-toxic and a safe method for natural pest control. Only takes 45 seconds to put together!

DIY All-Natural Cleaning Spray

DIY All Natural Cleaning Spray that is tough enough to clean the kitchen but also safe enough to be around kids and food!

How to Make Solid Perfumes

Homemade Herbal Hairspray

You don't need fancy chemicals to make your hair stay in place. You can use kitchen ingredients like sugar and essential oils in this homemade herbal hairspray recipe!