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The beauty of Mr.

This is one of my fave pics of Nick and John...so adorable!

Nick Rhodes and John Taylor - Duran Duran.

Duran Duran

It's the language of my musically inclined soul.

John Taylor

Just real (no fussy photo shoots)

Love this picture!!<3  "I'm very outgoing. I like unsual things. I am the most fashion-conscious in the band and like picking my own fashions. I'm generally very calm, and am good at calming things down. I'm a good person to talk to, and a good listener as well as I'm a Gemini." 1983

Nick and boring old Julie Anne.

John Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Roger Taylor and Simon Le Bon

DD All with unruly hair, unless Roger with his trademark, his hair tuft

John Taylor

John Taylor~ en Duran Duran over the years~ de Duran Duran To Rock hall

Duran Duran - John Taylor

Duran Duran - John Taylor: I always thought he carried off this hair color really well

John Taylor..Duran Duran

John- proving introspective Geminis can still be hot.

Duran Duran

All you need is Duran Duran

John Taylor ( Duran Duran , The Power Station ) bass player

JT- knees weak in

Simon Le Bon :D

On the phone, coat

Love this cover!!!  I am bummed as I have this issue but it has the models on the cover.  I didn't know there was an alternate cover with the boys on it or I would've tried to get that one.  :(

I met Duran Duran june 18 2012 and met john taylor october This was one of my bucket list items. John Taylor knew me as bucket list girl!

- Duran Duran Forever  www.facebook.com/duranduranforever

- Duran Duran Forever I wanted to marry John Taylor

John Taylor

John Taylor- Duran Duran - with Prophet synth lurking behind

The three taylors

The three Taylors from Duran Duran