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Church of the Barriers: Church of Old Petrolandia, Brazil Petrolandia is a town in Brazil near the river of Sao Francisco, which was moved – or at least part of it was – when a dam was built. The only thing left standing is the church, which is a crazy but beautiful sight, like a predatory fish opening its maw to eat. Read more at http://www.environmentalgraffiti.com/news-underwater-churches?image=5#FP3CTVRTp1Q8W4sm.99

To me the hidden beauty of social media is the endless ability to bring true inspiration into your life. Not by the news or through stories of heroic acts but simply by reading the words and thoughts of people just like you. Ideas and aspirations that play leapfrog in your head and make you think bigger thoughts happiness that spreads like a wildfire a moment of seeing freedom or opportunities you wish you had and then realizing that you already do. We inspire each other now in a…

Freetown ChristianiaIn 1971, squatters moved into the barracks on an abandoned military base and established this neighborhood, an autonomous district in the middle of Copenhagen. Later, many dwellers built their own homes on the 86-acre property. Although the Danish Supreme Court ruled this year that the state owns the land, the area still contains nearly 1,000 reside...

Gorgeous abandoned wooden cottage in the Yaroslavl region of Russia. There are many whole villages full of these abandoned structures all over Russia. They were once family homes, but as the young people in the families moved to large urban areas, the villages were eventually left abandoned.

The Stark Beauty Of The World's Tallest Unoccupied Buildings The 38-story (476-ft or 145-m) Book Tower in Downtown Detroit, Michigan, designed by Louis Kamper, completed in 1926. A taller Book Tower with 81 stories was to be built at the opposite end of the Book Building, but the plan was abandoned because of the Great Depression started in 1929. The building is entirely abandoned since 2009, but most of the tenants moved out in the 1990s.

Chrysler Building, NYC Oh New York City...busy place but I do miss home..Pizza,Pastries Bagels and the BEACH! And....Long Island Rocks...Beautiful pic of Chrysler bldg. btw.

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