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“Don't you hear it? She asked  I shook my head no  then she started to dance  suddenly there was music everywhere  it went on for a very long time  when I finally found words all I could say was thank you. ” ― Brian Andreas, Story People      ;Dancer by Richard Calmes

Dance senior picture at the beach at sunset. Dance senior picture idea for girl at sunset. Dance senior picture idea for girl at the beach.

To be sold @  mytalestobetold.wordpress.com

To be sold @ mytalestobetold.wordpress.com

Danse au bord de la mer

Danse au bord de la mer

and they thought Mary Poppins was special

Russian Photographer Vitaly Sokolovsky captured acrobatic movements of professional dancers for a photo series called Dance Petersburg.

Ways to Wear Bohemian Style Clothing Bohemian Style Clothing is for the independent, romantic, and free-spirited and it is not a difficult fashion statement to don. 3. Detailing

How to Rock Bohemian Style Clothing

A Bohemian Life - butterfly with Hermès scarves for wings! - boho - ☮k☮