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Ive been doing this for almost a year. It makes your hair grow super fast and helps keep hair fall-out to a minimum.
Classroom Rules Poster with hashtags #classroomrules
How cute are these cells?  Keep clicking on the picture to take a look at these adorable cells, a tepee, and some other fun classroom activities!
My students turned my whole classroom into a giant cell!  Each group of students built an organelle (with a rough scale model in relation to the size of the classroom) and presented them to the class.  I love this because it helps students really connect
A former middle school teacher's blog. All her activities look great--no fluff and lots of learning. The best science activities I've ever found on the internet.
A School Called Home: A View Through the Microscope - Identifying the parts of a microscope!
The ultimate life science word wall: VISUAL, multilingual, and with roots/prefixes/suffixes! #gettingnerdy #wordwall
Science Matters: Cells - the importance of cell walls experiment using balloon and nylons
Wanted: Germs  Who or what should you be on the lookout for this flu season? Here are four very likely culprits. The reward? Better health!