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Cute door for a music classroom. You can substitute musician for anything though. "Proficient" for testing week.change to reader

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Fall classroom door with studentS' names. Or Pics SaYing Falln In Luv With Learning/ Reading /Math /Etc

Squish Preschool Ideas: November

19 Fun Scarecrow Ideas To Make For Halloween And All Year Round

Students pick a card that gives them a suggestion for a random act or kindness. Cute idea to get kids used to the idea - eventually they wouldn't need prompts.

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This is a great bulletin board! - I love this colorful "So Many Books, So Little Time" reading bulletin board display. Adding a clock and book covers to this display makes it very eye-catching!

Elementary Music Classroom Music Reward Board For Elementary Music Classes

Music reward board for elementary music classes! Found this idea from another pinner and loved it, just modified it for my room and colors!need to modify for middle school.

How Does Your Garden Grow ~ Music Note Collage for 2nd Grade ~ Have your 2nd graders make connections between music, art, science, math, and drawing by creating a garden of music notes! Follow your project by a conversation on growing a garden and see how many ideas will bloom! This project can accompany any song about gardening (such as Music K8's "How Does Your Garden Grow") and can make perfect decorations for your upcoming spring concert or bulletin board!

How Does Your Garden Grow ~ Simple project for primary music students. Could compliment a unit on garden themed songs or a similarly themed spring musical!

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Title: Love Our Earth (April) Subject/Content: ScienceDescription: The students will learn about Earth Day and why it is so important. Then, the class will help decorate a bulletin board so the whole school can see.