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Roses for Jesus

This like some sweet refrain In childhood lisped at mother's knee Through all the happy years to be R.

The bath tub, and the monster spray are my favs

Reminded me of you

GOOD ideas for you and your child as they grow up! I LOVE the shower cap , idea for your baby when getting a shower or bathing. It keeps the water out of their eyes.

Whoa, Tip one is a biggie. Great for teachers or anyone who has children in their lives!

The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Ten Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids: Creating the relationship you want with the most important people in your life by

Get kids to clean up their rooms. Lock up the plug. "you'll find the key...hidden in your room. Better get cleaning."

How do get your child to clean their room

This kid obviously needs to clean her room, but I'll remember this when my kids are older.Stick a lock through the holes on the end of electrical plugs when your kids get grounded. It saves you from having to physically remove items from their rooms.

10 Things Children Will Always Remember and adults should never forget... the36thavenue.com

10 Things Children Will Always Remember

10 Things Children Will Always Remember and that we should never forget. loved reading this post, these are the things I remember from my childhood and I hope my girls have these special memories too :)

Best Ever Potty Training App:

The 5 Biggest Potty Training Mistakes

When we become a big girl Free and lots of stuff I actually used like a timer to remind us it was time to try again and short little games with the kids' favorite Disney characters that they got to play when they were successful.

Great blog post on natural consequences for kids undesirable actions... These are REALLY good.

Creative Consequences for Kids

This has some great tips on natural consequences for kids undesirable actions. Love the idea of natural consequences. Hate her idea of sending a kid to another room when acting like a brat, but she has other good stuff to say.

5 Steps To Put the Brakes on Back Talk - Positive Parenting Solutions

5 Steps To Put the Brakes on Back Talk - Positive Parenting Solutions give kids some power/choices/control; low voice, no power struggle, don't engage when disrespected. Some great ideas here, a

Keeping your child safe online is very important. Use these tips for a variety of network children often use.

Parents, learn about Internet Safety for Kids and Teens. This is a quick cheat sheet for non-techie parents who care about keeping their kids safer online. It takes about 30 - 45 minutes to make these simple changes!