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Fyona (Source: http://shaenatargaryen.tumblr.com/post/95294325580/did-you-see-how-brave-she-was-not-every-woman-can)

Fyona (Source: http://shaenatargaryen.tumblr.com/post/95294325580/did-you-see-how-brave-she-was-not-every-woman-can)

In the Heart of the Sea is a lackluster Moby-Dick'

Actor Tom Holland talks about his experiences making Ron Howard's In the Heart of the Sea and some of his upcoming projects, including Spider-Man.

I remember ♡!

I remember ♡!

Kate The Great Moss by photographer and former boyfriend Mario Sorrenti

Stern Fotografie 72 - Mario Sorrenti by Mario Sorrenti, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Snorkelling & Drinking Rum Punch in Tobago #travel #trinidad #swimming

Did you know that the waters around Tobago support approximately 300 different species of coral, including staghorn, elkhorn, fire coral, giant tube sponges and starlet?

Bullet Magazine by Eliot Lee Hazel

Photographed by Eliot Lee Hazel, creative directed by Stacey Nishimoto, models are twin brothers Bradley and Brian Cowell.

One of my favorite things to photograph:  a high school senior frolicking in the waters of Lake Tahoe!

One of my favorite things to photograph: a high school senior frolicking in the waters of Lake Tahoe!

Kiss a Dolphin n swim with dolphins-check!

Larry Hagman in Dallas (1978)

'80s Daytime and Primetime Soaps

Cagatay Ulusoy

I have wanted to write my experience of being pregnant and gluten free for a while now because it was challenging, but completely manageable and I know there are many people who are going through what I went through nearly five months ago now. Every pregnancy symptom I experienced was normal and I did not have any complications. Teagan Adele was delivered 15 days over due via c-section and weighed 9.4 pounds. She is really healthy and continues to thrive!

Gluten Free and Pregnant - Alive and Fighting

I'll drink to that!

Rick celebrating a day off on the road! Via RS fb page.


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