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Funny pictures about One step at a time. Oh, and cool pics about One step at a time. Also, One step at a time.


And how about if the people in those offices had their parents with them who told the doctor, lawyer or dentist exactly how they should do that job (even though those parents are not doctors, lawyers or dentists).

What Teachers Make, this is an awesome clip WATCH IT! And for my teacher friends on Pinterest I will hunt you down until you do! Because you are defiantly beautiful!

Taylor Mali - EVERY teacher needs to watch this 3 minute video. YOU make a difference! This is how every faculty meeting should start! Every teacher should listen to this! : ) This made me cry!

So true. I see my Jadison in this Quote.

"tell me & I forget, teach me & I remember, involve me & I learn" -Benjamin Franklin.

No one is perfect...

I tried to explain this to a child with Autism. Pencils have erasers because we all make mistakes. He then patted me on the head and said & a mistake&

But it's easier to say that we didn't teach it well enough they shouldn't have…

Well, not always true in all cases. But probably dentists get lots less blame than teachers! Dean says, "Don't blame the dentist because he has "fillings" too!


Teachers Be Like "I'm just gonna wait til it's quiet." - Willy Wonka Arts Skeleton - quickmeme OMG, can I have this as a poster for my classroom?

Teen Room Decor. Classroom Decor. Inspirational Quote. You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice

For my room? Discuss an idea of this. From Etsy. You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.

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Instead of I Don't Know Anchor Chart

The Corner On Character: Anchors-A-Plenty "I don't know" could be replace by better answers that more specific to the question.


ANCHOR CHARTS: Use with the book The Peaceful Classroom by Naomi Drew and the No, David books by David Shannon to set up classroom rules and distinguish a peacemaker from a peacebreaker.