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I got: Crowley! Who's Your Supernatural Guardian? Maybe you're a little naughty... I mean... your guardian's a demon... but that's okay, Crowely's out there making sure you're safe which means you must be pretty special. I mean, he's sacrificing the joy of hearing himdelf talk to take care of a little human(or are you?) So that means you either remind him of an significant someone ... or you're SUPERNATURALly *wink* amazing. :)

Who's Your Supernatural Guardian?

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Include this on the next news broadcast, maybe they'll see things a bit differently if we use the hottest version of the devil there ever was to fight against the act of rape.....also maybe not the best idea. pretty sure he wouldn't be able to walk down the street anymore without someone saying to him 'so, can I enter YOUR body?' and then running away laughing.

"If you're worse than Satan you have a problem." Lol for the Supernatural reference!

Pin for Later: 19 Very Emotional Things We All Felt on Our First Run  . . . or you envision that you're running toward something. Whatever works, right?

19 Very Emotional Things We All Felt on Our First Run

what every fangirl would do if they saw their favorite actor/actress or favorite book/tv show/movie character

Bildergebnis für supernatural imagines

A little black brush pen lies on the dashboard of the impala, remaining untouched due to the emotional ties it holds.

its hard to explain that the king of hell died when your friends ask why you are so depressed that day.

Nooooooo Crowley, to this day I just can't with this! - crying in a dark corner -

=-O Seriously, Supernatural not just entertainment - you also learn things... hello? James Lipton's "An Exaltation of Larks" anyone? What? I'm also a word nerd. Sue me.

Supernatural Collective Nouns

The Stoakes-Whibley Natural Index of Supernatural Collective Nouns - Wondermark by David Malki

"Yeah Sammy? You think so? Then come 'ere and give it to me." Sam launched himself at Dean. They made sweet love that night.

Supernatural - Imagify

Provenance Dean was damn good in this one. consenting adults and the small head bob. I loved it // damn boi