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After beginning as a micro-bakery, London-based Cooper's Bakehouse ([@]coopersbake) is expanding. Here's a shot of the bakery-building on 13 Mar 2014. Photo pinned with permission of Cooper's Bakehouse.

"The Hitchin Bakehouse set up." —Hitchin Bakehouse ([@]hitchinbread) is a home-based micro-bakery in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK. Photo pinned with permission of Nick Boggon, co-owner of Hitchin Bakehouse.

Loaves on display for sale at Balthazar's Boulangerie. The company bakes all its own bread. Source: Caprice Holdings via Bloomberg

petite lunchette @de.superette #gent #desuperette #rectoverso #rectoversomagazine by rectoversomagazine

Superette Edwin / koffie


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