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The Financing of Jihadi Terrorist Cells in Europe: A New Report ...

A Mexican drug lord's house was busted and let us just say. everything you would assume about a drug lord's house is totally true. Actually, any house owned

I just realized that some of these.....in 2016-possibly, 2017, that they are coming back. WOAH.

90's forever!

Makes you miss your childhood like crazy. When was the last time I even had French Toast Crunch?

I just died. This is so true I can't decide if I'm going to laugh or cry.

Girls with curly hair wake up like this. OMG exactly what my hair looks like in the morning!

Old lady sitting in a gym sipping a martini while holding a stress ball. I wanna grow up to be her.

The Elderly Don't Have to Care

How to enjoy your workout.you go Grandma.I am proud of you for going to the gym. Hey, even if you just dress up in workout clothes and drink alcohol there.at least you can tell the family.Hey get off of my back.I went to the gym!

When you capture your pets and make them hang out with you: | 26 Things That Will Make You Say "Same"

When you capture your pets and make them hang out with you:

Free, Confession Ecard: I show affection for my pets by holding them against me and whispering "I love you" repeatedly while they struggle to break free.

omg so funny! (it's a .gif with repeating movements so you have to click on the image to see it go)

My friend had a bug in her hair and my other friend was the one that was like "EW! GET IT OFF!" She ended up hitting her like fifteen times. i can so relate

This is a pretty random site with some pretty cool stuff.

Yes, I know I can't sing. Yes, I'm going to keep singing anyway. Music Makes Me Happy Quote. I Don't Care!

Or when you apologize and they say,"Yeah, you should be." It's like, Bitch I only said sorry so you would! It's your fault you're the clumsy fool, not mine!

Yes! The Loki oh no you didn't face. < omg I was not aware of the Loki oh no you didn't face.

the disney one is so true, same with the words because it still happens The shots are water though

Haven’t we all…

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