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Next Generation_Phillip/Aurora by SilverBuller on DeviantArt

Next Generation_Tarzan/Jane by SilverBuller on DeviantArt

The children of Tarzan and Jane from Tarzan if they had a son and/or daughter. Most people only know of Tarzan's adoptive son, Boy, but in the. Next Generation_Tarzan/Jane

Aurora the bride by AgiVega.deviantart.com on @deviantART

First I did Belle as a bride. Now Aurora. Which Disney princess should I do next as a bride? (I only want to do those who didn't get their wedding dress. Aurora the bride


I've seen several of these throughout the site and decided to start my own series. It features the sons and/or daughters of Disney, Don Bluth, and other similar couples. I ONLY will accept human re.

Disney wedding

Disney Princesses - Wedding Dresses by ~MissIndianaGirl on deviantART. I don't remember Merida getting married at the end of brave.

The Pig Keeper Princess by Jznna on DeviantArt

THis is the daughter of Eilonwy and Taran named Farren. It means adventurous, so I thought it would be good for her. I gav. The Pig Keeper Princess

The Queen (The Prince of Egypt) by jjulie98.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Moses's adoptive mother from "The Prince of Egypt" This game was made by: Azalea. [link] The Queen (The Prince of Egypt)

Next Generation_Lumiere/Fifi (Babette) by SilverBuller on DeviantArt

Next Generation_Lumiere/Fifi (Babette) by SilverBuller on DeviantArt