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Ch. 10: " Atticus pushed his glasses to his forehead; they slipped down, and he dropped them in the street. In the silence , I heard them crack." ( Lee 96 ) This is an example of symbolism. The glasses cracking show how Atticus shatters what everyone thinks of him and everything they think makes him weak.

"He stooped and picked up his glasses , ground the broken lenses to powder under his heel, and went to Mr. Tate and stood looking down a Tim Johnson." Atticus crushing the glasses symbolized him crushing his perceived weakness.

“Aphrodisiacs” photographed by Irving Penn  Vogue US June 1998

midnight-charm: “ “Aphrodisiacs” photographed by Irving Penn Vogue US June 1998 ”

Heifitz, with light on end of bow, from Life Magazine, 1952. Photos by Gjon Mili

the-night-picture-collector: ““Gjon Mili, Jascha Heifetz playing Violin in Mili’s darkened Studio as Light attached to his Bow Traces the Bow Movement, 1952 ” ”

"058.365" - 13th Witness

"058.365" - 13th Witness

Irving Penn still life

Inspiration Monday: Irving Penn - Still Life Irving Penn Irving Penn is one of the leading American photographers of the century. While he is best known for his fashion photography.

Here is one for those who are struggling with any OCD syndromes or moments! Beknownst Michael Johansson is a passionate artist devote to all things ordinary and organized neatly

Michael Johansson

Trash Never Looked So Beautiful by Barry Rosenthal

Trash Never Looked So Beautiful

Photographer Barry Rosenthal arranges beach trash that he collects around New York Harbor into artful compositions for his photo series "Found in Nature." Rosenthal talks about the project in this .